Okawix 0.7

Download Wikipedia to read at your leisure


  • Download and Wikipedia-related project
  • Download any available language
  • Choose to download images or not
  • Browser is very intuitive


  • Can't select parts of wikis
  • Wikipedia itself is a huge 6 gigabyte download!

Very good

Are you a Wikipedia addict? Okawix might just be what you're looking for when traveling or stuck with out an internet connection.

Okawix is a small, slick looking application and wiki-browser. It allows you to download the entire content of Wikipedia or its sister projects, Wikisource, Wiktionary, Wikiquote and Wikibooks.

Once opened, Okawix presents you its biggest problem - while attractive, it's not immediately obvious what any of its icons will do! Worse still, perhaps the most important button, 'Select Languages' (which will take you to the download page once you have decided which languages you want) doesn't look like a button at all!

However, once this has been overcome, Okawix improves a lot. Choose which wiki-project you want to download, where to save it and you are finished. Once downloaded, you can browse the wikis just as you would on the web. Okawix at this point is fantastic - it's fast, the search is effective and will feel completely natural to anyone who has used Wikipedia before.

While it's not intuitive to start with, once the content has been downloaded, Okawix works like a dream, and is a fantastic resource to keep on your laptop or netbook.

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Okawix 0.7

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